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Below are recent articles and podcasts featuring HSC Mon Valley and the MVPC.

40th Anniversary Celebration

The Turtle Creeker
Winter 2023
Part 1 and Part 2

Human Services Center Mon Valley rebrands for 40th anniversary

By Ethan Woodfill
January 09, 2023

Human Services Center Renews Commitment to the Mon Valley

South Hills – Mon Valley Messenger
January 01, 2023

Two Rivers, 30 Minutes

December 16, 2022

For 40 years, the Human Services Center Corp. suffered from confusion from people who weren’t sure what it did. On Dec. 6, the nonprofit was renamed Human Services Center Mon Valley (HSC). How has HSC become an extensively involved provider to the community? In what ways does HSC work to fulfill its mission to improve the quality of life for children, adults, and families in the Mon Valley? What communities does HSC work in? What areas of chronic need remain in the Mon Valley? How has the new name been received?

Youth Leadership Program Seeks New Students

By Jason A. Mignanelli
The Tube City Almanac
October 08, 2020

Two Rivers, 30 Minutes

July 31, 2020

The Human Services Center of Turtle Creek offers a wide array of social and human services and supports to residents of the Mon Valley and eastern suburbs, but many of those programs depend on walk-in or face-to-face vists. How has HSC Mon Valley pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic? What services and programs have they continued to offer, and where did they need to adapt? What are some upcoming opportunities for community participation? How can people reach the programs at HSC Mon Valley?

For 2020 census advocates, COVID-19 forces rethinking of outreach strategies

90.5 WESA, The Confluence

October 23, 2019

An estimated one in four children in Allegheny County participate in afterschool programs, but areas like the Mon Valley lack the resources and necessary partnerships to engage with large groups of kids through the early evening. Leah O’Reilly, Director of Programs, shares how quality programs can encourage learning, generate more interest in going to school, and keep kids safe.

Supporting Pathways to Leadership

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