Supports for Success

Case Management

Supports for Success provides participants with one-on-one case management, employment and education support services, resources, and referrals that assist in increasing self-sufficiency through the achievement of education, employment, housing, financial, and other identified goals. To participate, individuals age 18 and older must meet income eligibility requirements (200% of the federal poverty level or less), must have a goal of employment and/or education, and live within the Mon Valley.


Wdirectly assist participants with:

  • creating a detailed goal plan 
  • obtaining a credit report to work on improving their credit
  • creating a monthly budget to increase knowledge of money management
  • creating, updating, and maintaining a current professional resume to improve success in obtaining employment opportunities
  • finding adequate affordable housing options
  • finding employment or better employment opportunities.

Families access the services of Supports for Success through the Supports Specialist, who can be reached at 412-436-9537 or by completing this Interest Form. The Supports Specialist then provides links to appropriate services based on the individual needs of each family.

Supports for Success is funded in whole or in part under the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services under the administration of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development. Allegheny County Department of Human Services is the local agency which makes the CSBG funding award.

Supports for Success 2023 Results

  • 27 participants served
  • 73% of participants who identified a savings goal, increased their savings.
  • 46% of participants who identified a goal to improve their credit score, increased their credit score.
  • 67% of participants increased their financial well-being.
  • 61% of participants maintained safe/affordable housing within the 30% income threshold.
  • 82% of unemployed or underemployed participants obtained employment up to a living wage.
  • 67% of unemployed or underemployed participants obtained employment with a living wage or higher.
  • 63% of unemployed or underemployed participants maintained employment for 90-days or more.
  • 64% of participants enrolled in an education training, certificate, or degree program.

2023 CAAP Self Sufficiency Award Winners from HSC Mon Valley

CAAP, the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania, bestows self-sufficiency awards recognizing the significant achievements made by the award winners. Their stories reveal not only the focused determination and momentous deeds of those who persevere in their quest to become self-sufficient, but also show how community action agencies support their journeys.

Photo of Rico Carter, an African-American man in a white shirt with a bucket hat standing in front of a poster board.
Image of Shakaya Carpenter. Shakaya has long, purple hair and is smiling for the camera.

In 2021, HSCMV received a written letter from Rico Carter who was serving a 22 to 45-year sentence. In the letter, Rico shared his background, experiences, accomplishments, goals, and asked for resources to successfully transition back to society after serving 22 years in prison. The Human Services Center responded to Rico’s letter and in November 2021, Rico was enrolled in the Supports for Success program. Rico hit the ground running and consistently achieved one goal after another. Rico started the All-State Career School’s CDL program in November 2021, obtained a part-time delivery job while in school, passed his CDL permit in January 2022, obtained a second part-time job, and purchased a car in April. Rico completed the CDL program in May 2022, passed the test, and obtained his CDL license at the end of June. Rico recognized that his criminal history and lack of driving experience could potentially be barriers, but he remained optimistic, confident, and never gave up. In September, Rico accepted a full-time CDL B driving position that offered full benefits. Rico’s credit is good, he is able to manage his budget, he obtained his own place, and now gives back by volunteering once a month at a local food pantry.

In 2019, Shakaya Carpenter, a first-year student at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), was referred by her community college advisor to the Human Services Center Mon Valley’s Supports for Success program. As a former foster youth who aged out of the foster-care system, Shakaya faced many obstacles throughout her life. Shakaya started receiving benefits, but struggled to manage her budget and was often behind on bills. Through assessments, goal planning, and developing a budget, Shakaya’s immediate needs were identified, and she was provided multiple health related and basic needs resources and referrals. Throughout her enrollment in the program, Shakaya has thrived and consistently shown improvement in all areas of her life. She has demonstrated the ability to manage her budget and maintain basic needs, improve her credit score, achieved her associate degree from CCAC in 2022, and transferred to Robert Morris University to earn a bachelor’s degree in data analytics! She completed an internship at the Allegheny County DHS office as an Analytics, Technology, and Planning Intern and is looking forward to graduating from Robert Morris University by spring of 2024.